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MousePoint is a young, dynamic and client driven technology firm. We are located in Lanark Village, approximately one-hour west of Canada's National Capital, Ottawa, Ontario.

A Full Service Firm...
We provide technology consulting, design, development and sales. We have a clear focus on people-oriented projects and relationships. Some of the services we provide at our centre include:
  • Home & Small Business Computer System Sales
  • PC Support and Repair Services
  • Internet Access Services
  • Training - Need some personal coaching?
  • Digital Imaging, Printing and related services.
  • Internet Services.
  • Web Site Hosting and Design
Expanding Technologies...
The list of technologies that we are asked to deliver our expertise on is forever expanding. We have been known to be quite gifted at combining simple technologies into incredibly stable systems that provide the bells and whistles without the headaches. In most situations, we don't recommend "bleeding edge" technologies unless they are incredibly simple and unlikely to change immediately - remember the Betamax? As for operating systems, we have worked with almost every one available on the commercial and open-source market.

Clients and Projects...
MousePoint gladly accepts clients from all levels of business, government and non-profit organizations. We are particularly interested in working with small and medium sized organizations because we find that this is a better fit with our approach to personalized service. We try to accommodate all projects and we schedule in advance to ensure that every client is provided with the same quality service. In almost all cases, your wish is simply our command.

113 Hillier Street
Lanark Village, Ontario
K0G 1K0

We are accross the street from the Clyde River behind By The Clyde, 1/2 block west of George St.

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Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm by Telephone, In-Person by Appointment Only

Please note: We may adjust these hours from time to time to meet the needs of our clients. We can often be flexible with our times if we have a little bit of notice. For those with on-site needs, please inquire into our service plans.

You may also contact us directly via e-mail -
or via telephone at (866) 923-9608, or fax (613) 482-4630.

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